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v-rocs Outline CJK - Chinese Outline Solution

Let Mobile Labs help you become successful in the Chinese market!

v-rocs Outline CJK is an outline font solution for rendering of Chinese glyphs that is optimized for low-end to mid-range mobile phones.

The complete font that currently covers all glyphs in GB18030-2000 (Mainland China: Simplified and Traditional) is less than 1 megabyte, and the code is very fast: 3 times faster than rendering a normal OpenType font via FreeType.

v-rocs Outline CJK is a complementing product to v-rocs Outline, so that rendering of CJK scripts can be provided in a seamless and efficient manner without any extra integration effort.

Glyphs are 1 pixel wide independent of scaling and automatically hinted and with compensation for colliding strokes (stain), providing very easy to read glyphs.

Mobile Labs has ported v-rocs Outline CJK to Google Android by replacing FreeType and by combining with Google's PinYin solution, for testing and demos. This integration can be provided to potential customers for evaluation purposes.

Other CJK scripts, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japanese and Korean, will be supported in the future, using the same core technology.

Please note that v-rocs Outline can also be used for rendering Chinese glyphs, then using existing TrueType/OpenType fonts, yet not as efficient in terms of memory use and performance.

Features in summary:

  • Stroke-based GB18030-2000 font
  • Compact – less than 1 MB
  • Pre-integrated with v-rocs Outline
  • Ported to Android replacing FreeType
  • High focus on visual quality
  • Auto-hinting
  • Addressing stain problems in traditional glyphs
  • Rendering 3 times faster than´FreeType + Android droidfallback


v-rocs Outline CJK is available for pre-order. v-rocs Outline is required for full outline font rendering functionality.

It's provided with an embedded font currently covering GB18030-2000.


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